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General information of Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a
Name: Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a (Free Scan)
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Category: Constructor
Risk level : Medium Level  
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Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a is a hazardous Trojan horse program. It can insert additional malware into infected computers. Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a may break into a system by exploiting existing fragile programs or through infected application downloads and unauthorized e-mails. Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a is also able to gather an infected user’s confidential information and send it to a remote controller who plan to use the information for malicious scheme.

Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a Symptoms:
  • Unfamiliar program files appear in hard drive.
  • Strange warning error warning messages continuously pop up when you are opening certain program or working on internet.
  • Unknow and annoying add-ons are automatically added in your browser.
  • Weird displays of certain website pages. (Free Spyware Scan)
Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a manual removal

To remove Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a, you can modify the malicious or suspicious Sub-keys if you are familiar with Registry of Windows. But you should back up a registry point before making any changes to it. This can avoid permanent data loss or corrupted Files caused by incorrect Registry change. Then, you may modify registry entries in Windows Operating System with follow steps:

  • Click Start > Run
  • Type “regedit” to open registry editor
  • Navigate to required registry Key from the Left Tree control and modify it accordingly. (Free Spyware Scan)

Note: Though it is possible for you to remove Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a manually, such activity may bring in unexpected damages to your computer once a mistake was made while modifying Windows registry. Also, it may leave some related entries both in your hard disk and Windows registry. Hence, it is highly advised that you should run an advanced anti-spyware program to identify the remaining parasites, other Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a infected files, and processes from your computer. Its free real-time protection module helps preventing all potential threats to the computer.

Recommended Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a removal:

To remove Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a, it is highly recommended to run a trusted spyware removal program on your computer. It not only can detect and remove the current Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a invading in your system but also protect your computer for future spyware attacks with simple clicks.

How did Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a get on my computer?

Ever wonder how Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a is able to penetrate your defenses and infect your computer?  The most common reason is a lack of an advanced anti-spyware protection. The following are a few ways through which Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a, one member of spyware, sneaks into your computer:

  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Networks download and install
    Spyware can be bundled with the files and the software when you install a P2P application or download a file from a P2P network.
  • Freeware install
    Many "free" applications can come with spyware and install themselves on your computer.
  • Malicious Websites visit
    Not all the websites are 100% secure to visit. Because some are designed with malicious intent. If one of these websites are opened , spyware can automatically install on your hard drive without your permission. Download a trusted anti-spyware program with real-time protection feature to well protect your PC at any time.
How to prevent Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a?
  • Download and install a Comprehensive Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a Removal Tool to keep your system free from spyware threats in all around way.
  • To stop your computer from Constructor.Win32.IESlice.a infection, please update the antispyware timely by running Windows security updates.
  • After finishing installing and updating your anti-spyware, it is high time to activate and run a spyware scan over your system.
Country of origin:

The file ADSPY/Spywarestrike.A.2.adware was last seen in the following geographical regions:

  • Ghana Dec 05 2010
  • Guyana Dec 05 2010
  • Saint Lucia Dec 05 2010
  • Yemen Dec 05 2010
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