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General information ofADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware
Name: ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware (Free Scan)
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Category: Adware
Risk level : Medium Level  
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ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware is a type of Advertising Display Software. It will install on users’ computers along with other downloaded program without their authorization, aiming at releasing commercial advertisements that may be unexpected or unwanted by users. Annoyingly, users are forced to visit the frequently-poping up advertisements once ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware installed on the computer, and it will make the computers perform desperately sluggishly or crash randomly especially on old computers.

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ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware will lead to:
  • A waste of precious disk space for this spyware will secretly install itself on the computer and difficult to be uninstalled.
  • Annoying unwanted popping-up advertisements when browsing websites.
  • The loss personal data because they are capable of modifying and then stealing users’ information.
  • An extreme sluggish computer, which will greatly slow down your working efficiency with the computer.
  • A bloated and disorganized Windows registry, which will result in numerous PC errors, blue screen of deaths, or system crashes. (Free Spyware Scan)
How did ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware get on my computer?
  • You install it on the computer by yourself, taking it for granted that it is a useful utility with no worries.
  • It comes bundled with other program downloads. So it is recommended that you can carefully install programs on your computer, especially for ones that come onto your computer with other programs.
  • You download it on the computer through unknown email attachments or dangerous links.
  • It can properly get on your computer when you visit websites or portals which contain malware scripts or codes so as to infiltrate your pc when visiting them. Download and run a powerful spyware remover program that comes with real-time protection feature to protect your PC Now!
How to easily remove ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware?

ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware is a little difficult to be uninstalled for it always locates in the hidden or completed part of the computer. Once incompletely or incorrectly deleted, more serious problems will occur, for example, software to stop operating or your computer to crash or freeze. It is highly recommended that you can run a powerful anti-spyware program to remove this worrisome adware from your computer. Simply follow the four steps:

  • Download a trusted ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware removal tool
  • Install it on your PC and launch it after the installation.
  • Click “Scan” button to detect whether there are ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware or other kinds of viruses, spyware, Trojans on your PC.
  • Directly click “Remove” button to get rid of these out of your computer if there are.
Preventions of ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware are necessary:
Necessary actions should be taken immediately to prevent the possible risk that ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen2.adware may bring to your computer. You may follow the below steps to do so:
  • Install a reliable anti-spyware program on your computer and regularly scan your computer.
  • Make sure the anit-virus program on your computer is up-to-date.
  • Be careful with the spam you receive: do not buy programs that introduced in spam and do not reply to spam or click on its "unsubscribe" link.
  • Do not open unknown emails and download the attachments unless you exactly need it.
  • Only download programs from trusted sources and carefully install programs on your computer.
  • Do not visit harmful websites.
Country of origin:

The file ADSPY/Spywarestrike.A.2.adware was last seen in the following geographical regions:

  • Ghana Dec 05 2010
  • Guyana Dec 05 2010
  • Saint Lucia Dec 05 2010
  • Yemen Dec 05 2010
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