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General information of INT15_Detect.exe
Name: INT15_Detect.exe (Free Error Scan)
FileVersion: 3, 4, 3, 0
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File location: C:\Windows\System32
Risk level: Medium Level  
CommpanyName: -
Country of origin:
The file INT15_Detect.exe was last seen in the following geographical regions:
  • Burkina Faso Feb 01 2015
  • Estonia Feb 01 2015
  • Ghana Feb 01 2015
  • South Korea Feb 01 2015
Security Warning about INT15_Detect.exe

INT15_Detect.exe is not a virus, but it is very easy to be used or renamed by some viruses, spyware or other harmful threats as the transmission channels. This will bring your computer unexpected troubles. To secure your computer, it is highly recommended run a full scan of your computer to check whether INT15_Detect.exe is still running properly.

It is very easy for malicious threats to disguise themselves as genuine INT15_Detect.exe file and cause unexpected permanent damages to your PC. A simple free scan helps to safely check out your entire PC and get rid of all existing threats.
What will bring you INT15_Detect.exe error:
  • The INT15_Detect.exe process is mistakenly removed.
  • Some system-needed files are broken or deleted incorrectly.
  • Invalid Windows registry items or file paths.
  • Data and parameter errors.
  • The computer is infected by Viruses, spyware or other threats. (Free Error Scan)
How do I fix INT15_Detect.exe error:

Normally INT15_Detect.exe error is related to spyware infection for they are capable of renaming any file. To fix it, you have to make sure that your computer is well protected against spyware. Follow the steps below, and you can get the job finished in seconds.

Free Download: INT15_Detect.exe Repair Tool
Tested Adware and Spyware Free
INT15_Detect.exe error may result in:

You may wonder whether it is necessary to timely get rid of INT15_Detect.exe error. Take a glance at the following consequences; you will know how dangerous of INT15_Detect.exe error.

  • It may stop you from successfully running some necessary applications as what you can see in description.
  • Sometime, it may result in serious startup or shutdown issue.
  • If it is used by a spyware, your computer will become unprotected at all and become the target of some greater viruses.
  • If it can not be fixed timely, endless popping-up errors, or system sluggishness, freezing-ups will occur when using the computer.
  • Seriously, it will result in total system crashes. (Free Error Scan)

Do remember to install a trusted anti-spyware program and turn on its real-time safeguard feature to block the potential INT15_Detect.exe threat at any time!

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