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General information of GoToAssistStarter.exe
Name: GoToAssistStarter.exe (Free Error Scan)
FileVersion: 9.0 Build 570
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\
Risk level: Medium Level  
CommpanyName: Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc.
Country of origin:
The file GoToAssistStarter.exe was last seen in the following geographical regions:
  • Guinea-Bissau Jan 31 2015
  • Malawi Jan 31 2015
  • Pakistan Jan 31 2015
  • Saint Helena Jan 31 2015
Security Warning about GoToAssistStarter.exe

GoToAssistStarter.exe is easy to be made use of by some vicious and virulent viruses as the transfer channels. Once GoToAssistStarter.exe was infected or being used by some security threats, your computer may face a lot of troubles. Do not hesitate to scan and check your PC for potential GoToAssistStarter.exe threat and other spyware or Trojans immediately!

It is very easy for malicious threats to disguise themselves as genuine GoToAssistStarter.exe file and cause unexpected permanent damages to your PC. A simple free scan helps to safely check out your entire PC and get rid of all existing threats.
GoToAssistStarter.exe error will result in:

Besides being used by some viruses as the transmission media, GoToAssistStarter.exe error will bring other troublesome issues to your computer as what you can see below.

  • Serious startup or shutdown problems.
  • Failure to load some needed programs.
  • Bring potential threats to your computer once it is used by the Trojans, spyware, adware and keyloggers, etc.
  • Mysterious system reboot or frequent appearing error messages when running the computer.
  • A total registry mess-up if it can not be fixed timely.
  • Desperate system slowness, freezing-up or random blue screen of deaths or even system crashes. (Free Error Scan)
Recommended solution to remove GoToAssistStarter.exe error:

It is wise to take timely action to check and then remove the infected GoToAssistStarter.exe file from the computer before it bring your more trouble. Please aware that it is impossible for you to identify where the GoToAssistStarter.exe file is infected or not by the naked eye, However, with the simple steps here, you can easily get the job done in minutes.

Causes of GoToAssistStarter.exe error:

Below will explain how GoToAssistStarter.exe error occurs so as to prevent them when using the computers. Most of the time, this error will be caused due to different aspects such as invalid registry items, spyware infection or an incorrect manual removal. Normally, they include:

  • The GoToAssistStarter.exe file is improperly deleted or corrupted.
  • Unable to find the correct file path.
  • Useful files/data are deleted incorrectly.
  • Insufficient disk space or RAM.
  • Necessary registry entries are corrupted.
  • The computer is infected by spyware or other kinds of threats. (Free Error Scan)

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