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EBAPIX32.EXE file is an executable file which is compiled in dynamic link library. The EBAPIX32.EXE is used by the Windows operating systems to supply enough code for a specific application. The EBAPIX32.EXE can also be used by different programs installed on your computer simultaneously. The EBAPIX32.EXE will be executed since the related application is started. (Free Error Scan)

It is very easy for malicious threats to disguise themselves as genuine EBAPIX32.EXE file and cause unexpected permanent damages to your PC. A simple free scan helps to safely check out your entire PC and get rid of all existing threats.
General information of EBAPIX32.EXE
Name: EBAPIX32.EXE (Free Error Scan)
FileVersion: 1, 1, 0, 0
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File location: C:\Program Files\Common Files
Risk level: Medium Level  
Country of origin:
The file EBAPIX32.EXE was last seen in the following geographical regions:
  • Lesotho Jan 27 2015
  • Macedonia Jan 27 2015
  • Saudi Arabia Jan 27 2015
  • Taiwan Jan 27 2015
Security Warning about EBAPIX32.EXE

EBAPIX32.EXE can be either a legitimate file or a program that contains vulnerable codes of security threat inside your PC. It is highly recommended to scan your computer right now and check the security of the EBAPIX32.EXE file.

How did EBAPIX32.EXE error get on the computer?
  • The current version of the EBAPIX32.EXE is replaced with old version when a new application is install. This will cause the incompatibility among other programs that are using the original version of EBAPIX32.EXE.
  • The EBAPIX32.EXE is wrongly removed either manually or by an incautious uninstall of a program.
  • The registry code is infected and changed by a malicious program.
  • A relevant application that is using EBAPIX32.EXE is infected and corrupted by computer virus. (Free Error Scan)

Important Note: As long as your computer connects to the Internet, there is a 90% chance that it will be infected by some sorts of spyware via other program downloads or strangers’ email attachments, which will result in EBAPIX32.EXE error. So you should download and run a professional anti-spyware program to always ensure PC security.

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How does the EBAPIX32.EXE error act on the computer?

If your computer have a wrong version of EBAPIX32.EXE, it will lockup your machine. Normally, a small alarming box will pop up on your computer screen saying the EBAPIX32.EXE is missing or cannot be found. This kind of error message is also a sight for users who are encountering missing .dll errors or other error messages related to .dll file that their systems are attacked with spyware. (Free Error Scan)

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