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You may begin your search through our database below to locate specific spyware, trojan or virus for detailed information and removal instruction. You are also recommended to run a spyware scan over the computer first before you start.

Spyware is a kind of malware which is able to sneakily install themselves into the computer to spy the computer activities.

Trojans, also named Trojan horses, will secretly install on user’s personal computers without their knowledge.

Backdoors leave an intangible way for hackers to get access to your computer system secretly.

A computer worm is a Malware computer program that can replicate itself without any user intervention..

Adware is a type of Advertising Display Software. It will install on users’ computers along with other program downloads without their authorization

Rootkits belong to malware that include certain programs undiscovered so as to destroy computer system.

Fraud Tool is a fraudulent program that will infect Windows systems.

Suspicious file is a file that does not indicate the purpose specifically, but works wantonly on computers.

Dos is virus parasite that happens and infects under the circumstance of DOS system.

Constructor is a hazardous Trojan horse program. It can insert additional malware into infected computers.

How to tell if your computer is infected by spyware?

  • Your browser homepage keeps changing.
  • You receive pop-up ads from time to time.
  • You found programs cannot function properly.
  • You found strange/unknown toolbars in your browser.
  • Computer runs slowly or freezes frequently.
  • You received annoying error messages.
  • You found unknown Favorites/Bookmark in your browser.
  • It takes much longer time to open or close programs/documents.
  • The passwords of your online accounts or credit cards have been changed.

If your computer has one or several of the above symptoms, there is no doubt that it has been infected by malicious spyware, adware, malware or other kinds of threats.
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File Extension library

According to statistics, 95% computers have corrupt, unnecessary or even harmful files. Seriously, it is very easy for spyware to rename the executable files /Dll files and disguise as the legitimate files of the system. All of these corrupt and malicious files will open backdoor for more serious threats to your computer. Feel free to browse our file extension library to find detailed information and solution for specific file and related error. If you know the exact name of the process you want to look up, use the search box below.

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